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Scratt's Contest
** Scratt needs a signature move. come on, all the heroes have one. Gomu Gomu no Pistol, Falcon Punch, Kamehameha, thelist goeson.
20 points to the dude that makes a brief journal or picture of Scratt performing a move. Describe it well, and make it powerful yet balanced. the winner gets 20 points. The 2nd and 3rd place will also have their moves added to the moveset of Scratt, as well as a drawn picture by me showing the top 3 moves in all thier goodness!
no need to sign up: just do it and link the move to me so I can see it. Deadline is Sunday, THIS Sunday June the 8th **
I did two~
Techno Scratt- Binary Bullet
Visual Description: Scratt puts his palms together and aims his fingetips at his enemy, and a green spiral of 1's and 0's quickly curves out of it, expanding in width while traveling forward. When hit, they unluckly person on the other end becomes wrapped up in the numbers, like ribbon, as they begin to glow very bright mint green.
Damage Description- Hitting the foe causes li
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 3
Innocence- Chapter 1
This is how the story of Zongazonga began, on what's now known as Ribular Island, a few thousand years ago:
Jiysiell, after nine long months of blessed self-preparation, was about to give a new child to this world, someone who would revive her stone-dead spirit and bring peace to her violent inner world.
Three of the local women who she didn't really know and one priest were gathered around her, soothing her as contractions built up in intensity to a point that they were very nearly unbearable.
Rain cascaded down outside far the wooden wall facing away from the complex, with occasional claps of thunder Jiysiell had no reason to pay attention to.
A pungent odor stung her nose and filled her mouth with the most unpleasant sensation of something horrible burning.
"Go check on that, Ull," one of the women advised.
Ull was a term that related to a religious leader, but could not be translated effectively into any language spoken now.
The priest went over to the far wall, stuck his head out
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 1 6
Innocence- Introduction
Dear friends, family, and/or others seeking clarification,
I'm writing this letter right now because the majority of you still don't fully understand what conspired between ZongaZonga and I on that fateful day, or moreover, why. Especially you, Brother.
I plan to make this something a novel (it's long), explaning all aspects of our lives leading up to that point. Everything (and by everything, I mean exact words of conversations) comes back to me very clearly now. It is true, however, that some parts of my life are incredibly difficult to describe in words, so I'll manage best I can.
Also, because I may not get another chance, I will stress again: Thank you, Rupert and Yoshiya. I have no way to repay what you did.
Anyway, I'll begin by explaning ZongaZonga's life, and then switch to mine. I have to warn you, we both have some... disturbingly violent pasts. Read with caution.
-The Innocent
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 1 0
Innocence- Prologue
Innocence- Prologue
“He’s The Doctor!” the girl in his arms gasped, “I swear! I was in the medieval ages! I nearly got burned at the stake for being a witch!”
She was already blowing him off. Of course. Girls were just like that in this time period. Had his sister ever been that way? He certainly hoped not.
Her friends, who had gathered around them at his sudden appearance in their school cafeteria, were dumbstruck, like most mortals when encountered with those who had found the secrets of this world.
He set her down, and she ran to them, spewing words out so fast he was surprised anyone could understand them.
“I swear! That hook on his hand is the TARDIS! He just cuts straight through reality, and then this space just appears and he steps through and he can go anywhere,like, really, anywhere!”
As she continued, her friends began to advance toward him. They started grabbing him, feeling his hook, making jokes about Captain Hook, a
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 4 2
Legit Assignment
Teacher's Prompt-
"Write a story (minimum 7 sentences) about a person who is accused of Heresy. Be sure to include a definition (in your own words) of heresy or a heretic, as well as what that person did to get accused. You can make up what punishments or tortures they were put through, but they must be school appropriate  Write the story on a separate sheet of paper. How did it change their life? Did they confess? Even if they didn't do anything wrong? How do you feel about the Inquisition?"
Lady Amelia had always had a prosperous life. Living richly on a manor- well, not quite as rich as she would have liked, but rich enough to be considered rich. She had a fine castle, with her lovely family, and her husband which she scarcely acknowledged. They'd met, what, twice? Three times?Not at the engagement, he had sent a message via his servant asking for her hand. At the marriage, yes, and then a few miscellaneous times in the castle.
Many had assume
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Happy unbirthday, Livy! by KasekiSentoki Happy unbirthday, Livy! :iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 3
Happy unbirthday, Scratt
A single pinpoint of golden light illuminated her world of teal and sapphire. She didn't mind it though, blue had always been her favorite color. Still, change was enticing.
[You got this?]

[Yeah, don't worry. I'll keep the island nice and safe while you go on your little vacation.]
[Thanks. You know how much this means to me.]

[I do. Now go.]
During the conversation, the light had expanded, not large, not powerful, but enough for a single person to get in and out, once.
Kuzuri exhaled. Her life wasn't hard, just busy. Took a lot of power on a daily basis to keep all the shields of Vivosaur Island up. Shog, he'd take care of it while she slipped away, just for a few days, a week at most. 
She stepped into light, the portal to some separate reality where no one expected anything of her. Her Ice Form melted away as she lost her touch on the island, and for once she didn't mind it. Being normal was nice, sometimes.
It was warm. And bright. A
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 1 12
Happy unbirthday, Sundy. Pt. 1
Physus began to retreat to her quarters; the need to meditate occasionally struck at the oddest times. She still couldn’t quite put her finger on why, most likely it was some so of subconscious imbalance within herself.
Passing the blood scan, she swiveled gracefully past the door, right to her-
A telepathic gasp escaped her as she saw the human girl sitting on her cot, relaxed as anything, just sitting and staring at her.
[Telepathy? Works for me.] she casually remarked.
[Who are you, and how did you get here?] Physus asked, keeping her tone of “voice” even.
[The name’s Dina Sentōki. Kinda here because of an accident.]
[No one “accidentally” gets into my room, much less humans.] Physus huffed, with a twinge of superiority.
[Tsk-tsk. Just look.]
A strange sensation overwhelmed Physus, something like the human’s mind being opened in front of her like a book. She saw that Dina (for she knew her name now) truly had arrived without purp
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 1 2
They had better have done this on purpose.. by KasekiSentoki They had better have done this on purpose.. :iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 91
The Rising of the Himalayas
The Rising of the Himalayas
            Power.  We all want more of it, whether we admit it or not.  Yet a greedy thirst for power will never succeed, and who, throughout history, has been more power hungry than the ruler of all Greek gods, Zeus?
            His epic fall from grace began long before he was even aware of the essence of greed.  He did what came naturally to him- fight, kill, conquer.  Along a dark and treacherous path he walked, one littered with blood and tears.  It wasn’t just Zeus on the path; he used other god’s help when he required it.  They would attack whoever they could, and for thousands of years, all they fought were other objects of worship.
            “Tsk, tsk, Hera.  Stop fretting.  I’ve destroyed the great Horus of Egypt without
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 1 6
Part 4- The Birthday Gift
It was quite a strange dream, that was, if it was even a dream at all. She could recall knowledge of a place called the Underworld, spelled with a capital U. Thinking hard, she tried to sort through the meaningless details to find the beginning of the dream. Yes... it began with a poem, a very nice poem at that. She was thinking about the night, and the poem, when other poems seemed to be whispered at her ears... and then the word "help."
Even awake as she was, she shuddered, for some part of her consiousness must have taken that word from a movie or something; she was still a bit haunted by the grief, the desperation in his voice.
Next, what happened next? Right, suddenly the words "Tugging at her spirit" came into her mind, and....something pulled her into a dream. The thought, "INCEPTION!" felt perfect for that moment, having a dream within a dream. But, wait a moment... The poem didn't seem like a dream, nor did the cry for help... Was this one of those dreams of hers
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 4
Part 3
The spirit did recall her a little. He knew her name, but couldn't speak it in the Underworld. So, together, they sent her back to the waking world.
Having heard the name, she let herself be pulled back to the the underworld. Once there, they concentrated on the name, willing themselves to the vision she dwelled in.
The full spirit felt utterly surprised at it, since it was based on a memory they had shared. Suzanne was floating around in it, clearly a dark leaper.
But dark leapers can't create visions! she called out to both of them.
Suzanne swarmed their minds with thoughts, which made no sense to the dreamer, being used to the real world as she was.
The spirit, though, he understood. He went to her, and looked to the dreamer, instructing her to give a bit of her energy to Suzanne. Since a dreamer couldn't become a chaser, there'd be no trouble for her.
So the dreamer did as she was told, and the leaper became a full spirit.
With that, both of them regained all of their me
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 2
Part 2
Wind blew
Grass grew
Empty faces stared
Dead smile
Stay awhile
No one cared
All life
Little strife
Just let it fall
Slowly slipping,
Clawing, gripping
Right onto the wall
Despair, despair
My only comfort
Save me

That poem, yes, that poem would have been perfect. And it almost was. There were a few things though, that weren't. For instance, it wasn't despair that saved her. It was  her saving her from despair. And that was the simple reason why she couldn't accept it, couldn't let those words fill every fiber of her being until she could hear them thundering in the back of her mind during every aspect of life.
Nights were beautiful things. No one ever bothered her, ever asked anything of her. No one could look at her and tell her she was crazy, even when she wasn't. Which is why, one particular night, she decided she didn't want to work anymore, and laid her head down onto her pillow. There were no shouts of ridicule following her action, no, not at nig
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 2 16
Part 1
When people die, their spirits usually travel directly to the afterlife, or sometimes they have something on Earth that needs taken care of before they leave. Occasionally, they'll find themselves in an alternate sort of the town or city they died at, where certain spirits will hold tornaments to decide if they're worthy of a second chance at life. More on that later.
However, if a spirit, usually one destined to go to Hell, was able to retain a scrap of self-awareness upon death, they could direct their path to a completely different reality, a shadow of the real world made from the memories of those who find themselves there.
In this so-called Underworld, there is nothing that can be sensed with sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell, nor is there space, and time is distorted. The spirits of the living can visit this world in their dreams. Everything that we consider seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled in a dream, is simply the mind trying to recall it's own senses. During a dream,
:iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 3 10
Happy Birthday Axel! by KasekiSentoki Happy Birthday Axel! :iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 3 16 AT- Clash of the [Almost] Princesses by KasekiSentoki AT- Clash of the [Almost] Princesses :iconkasekisentoki:KasekiSentoki 4 26


A Mortal God Part XIII: Madness!
Swinging foward twenty-five hundred years with Catalina in tow, Bryan immediately headed for the Dinaurian Space Station, only to witness the horrible sight of Dinaurian ships under a different flag attacking it! He beckoned to one of them, and learned them to be the rebels that Dynal was stressing out over. One of them stopped dead in its tracks and hailed to him in a chilling matter.
“My lord, you have come to aid us!” Those six words sent shudders to the core. His powers were busy while he was in the past, seeking to cause discord and chaos for entertainment. How he didn't notice eluded him, but it quickly became clear. In order to save everything from becoming his plaything, he would have to-
Time stopped solid as he teleported Catalina to Earth. He played around with the thoughts in his mind. The entire omniverse? His plaything? He cackled with glee as he imagined what he could achieve: Wars, genocide, turning people to mindless sheep. He previously saw these as si
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 1 2
Lazy Comic by TheCreatorOfSoften Lazy Comic :iconthecreatorofsoften:TheCreatorOfSoften 3 2 Dynal, King of the Dinaurians by Brookreed Dynal, King of the Dinaurians :iconbrookreed:Brookreed 33 28 The Bridge Between Worlds by Temorali The Bridge Between Worlds :icontemorali:Temorali 6 8 Her Highness by RandomInvader Her Highness :iconrandominvader:RandomInvader 3 10
Dinaurian Power Epilogue
It’s been 8 years since I fought Guhnash. Things have gotten a lot better since then, and New Dyneria has been fully colonized and integrated. Seeing my race on Earth has become more and more common, but we do have some people who are against us. Because of our landing on Earth, technology and productivity in all countries has grown exponentially. By now, we’ve done the testing, and found out offspring could be had between a human and a Dinaurian. Because of this, there has been an increase in our population, even if the children aren’t fully Dinaurian. We’ve cleaned up the planet, making sure that the Earth could live as long as we Dinaurians would need.
I was married now, to Meli, of course. We were married two years ago, and Meli has lived in my palace since then. Among us being married, everyone I was related to came to the wedding, even Shire. I expected her to stay in space, but she seemed to have had a change of heart about us. Dynac seemed to ha
:iconaxel0007:axel0007 3 5
Mature content
A Mortal God Part IX: A Forgotten Art :iconbryan1231:bryan1231 1 3
Mature content
A Mortal God Part X: Yera'Kar's First Skirmish :iconbryan1231:bryan1231 1 0
Onyx. by ass-pen Onyx. :iconass-pen:ass-pen 33 9 Janders by Temorali Janders :icontemorali:Temorali 6 8 Contest Winner! Bandana Bash! by Scratts Contest Winner! Bandana Bash! :iconscratts:Scratts 5 4
Mature content
The Mortal God Part VII: Out of Place :iconbryan1231:bryan1231 2 10
Dreamy Discovery Page 21 by TheCreatorOfSoften Dreamy Discovery Page 21 :iconthecreatorofsoften:TheCreatorOfSoften 5 7
The Mortal God Part VI: Savior of Atlantis
Stepping off the boat and looking into the port, Bryan scanned each and every face with a speed that allowed him to determine fifty faces in less than two seconds. Duna stepped off board trying to keep up: She wasn't as sure that these people would buy her disguise as she had hoped. With a preternatural purpose, Bryan quickly spotted someone who seemed incredibly nervous. The holder of the artifact, or an amateur thief? Bryan read his mind, and noted that he had many paranoid thoughts which he instantly translated.
"The end is nigh, I know it, these idiots do not believe me, but I know. The gods are displeased with us and soon we will all die! They will sink our beautiful island home for our sins!" The insane man cried out in his mind, not knowing that someone had listened in. Stalking closer, his eyes subtly changing colors with his determination, he approached the maniac and grabbed his shoulder. His Mark of Flames was beginning to glow underneath and through Bryan's hooded sweater,
:iconbryan1231:bryan1231 2 10
Fossil Fighters: Champions Meme: Pick-up Lines by Tacogirl456 Fossil Fighters: Champions Meme: Pick-up Lines :icontacogirl456:Tacogirl456 15 50 Just a Compliment by TheCreatorOfSoften Just a Compliment :iconthecreatorofsoften:TheCreatorOfSoften 8 21


This is a very beautiful piece, Shire. I agree that it's probably the best thing you've ever done, and realism from you is awesome~ I a...

At first glance, this looks like a beautiful picture. Not perfect, but beautiful nonetheless. A few of the things I absouluteley adore ...

Okay, first off, the anatomy is perfect, especially how you did the grooves in the face and neck. They add so zetta much realisticness ...

Wow. This is extremely beautiful and symbolic. First off, the girl's face and the skull's... uh, face are quite perfect anatomy. The st...



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Hello! I'm Fuzzy, but you can call me by my main OC's name, Kuzuri.
Or Fuzzy. Either is awesome.

So... I honestly hated art (due to my teachers) until last year, when I began to like it and made a dA account. Though I still dislike art class, (I don't take it :) ) I do like to post some stuff on here. I really shine in literature, though. :star:


Username kinda copied from ShayminMarx 's fanfic.

I'm Catholic~

Well, this is a short profile.

Happy stuffs-
:squee: :happybounce: :dummy: :la: :) :D

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